Rose Gulkand

Suriya Gulkand

Suriya Gulkand is our flagship product prepared with atmost care and expertise which is a result of three generations of experience

Rose Gulkand

Gulkand is one of the super food supliment prescribed by Ayurveda for good health and optimised immunity.

The Best In Gulkand and Pickle

We are the pioneers in Pickle and Gulkand preparation and sales in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

We are the third generation serving and keeping up our rich legacy. We still follow our traditional way of preparation passed to us by our founding fathers.

We have customers all over the world who continue to buy our products for the unique taste and flavour which is possible because of our long experience.

We Deliver

We promise to deliver the best quality products to our valued customers by using the hand picked best quality ingredients. We are committed to keep up this promise.

Eco Friendly

As a responsible citizen we thrive to make our process and product more eco friendly by using sustainable equipment and eco-friendly cleaning materials and use very little or no paper.

Always Fresh

We guarantee to deliver our products always fresh and pure. We use only fresh ingredients selected and bought by our expert purchasers.

Syrups and Sherbats with great taste

We have a variety of Syrups and Sherbats which tastes great. We cordially invite you to try some of our syrups and Sherbats and judge our claim

Our Fruit Preserves

We use traditional as well as modern scientific method to preserve fruits and vegetables to ensure original taste and long shelf life.

Spices and Food Mixes

Our spices and food mixes are versatile in nature which could be used as rice mix as well as food suppliment.

One for all spice mix

Dry fruit mix

This dry fruit mix is prepared with protein rich dry fruits and nuts blended with honey to promote good health

Garlic Rice mix 2 in 1

Garlic rice mix is a blend of garlic, dhal and spices which could also be used as Idli podi.

One for all Curry masala

This unique curry masala will add a distinct flavour to any dish. This masala is prepared with many different spices which will enhance the taste of your food.

Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement.

We believe in this statement and thrive our best to fullfil our commitment

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