Gulkand with rose flower
Gulkand which is made with sun dried rose petals and sugar is a natural coolant and helps with a range of issues including acidity, headache, lethargy
It beats the heat and helps to stay away from seasonal issues like skin breakouts, constipation, or itchy scalp is at its peak. But, did you know that what you consume as part of your daily routine can also help you cope with seasonal heat? One of the best ways to stay healthy is to include gulkand or rose petal jam/preserve in your daily diet.
According to Ayurveda gulkand in addition to being a natural coolant also helps with a range of issues including acidity, headache, lethargy and tiredness, constipation and bloating, spotting during periods, PCOS, acne marks, sugar cravings, and irregular sleep.
How to make it?
High on fragrance, taste, and aroma, gulkand can be made at home in a glass jar. Take some desi rose petals from your garden, layer it with a bit of sugar, again with petals and then sugar followed by rose petals in a glass jar. The jar is to be kept in the sun.
How to have it?
There are different ways of having it like
With milk at night for a restful sleep, as it is a natural coolant
Mix with water and sip through the day to beat acidity and bloating
A teaspoon, first thing in the morning or after meals, for better digestion and to get rid of sweet cravings.
Have it with a betel or paan leaf. It is excellent for digestion, absorption of nutrients, and a rich source of iron.